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Introducing the LOINC Ontology: A LOINC and SNOMED CT Interoperability Solution

PROJECT UPDATE We are anticipating a version 1.0 production release of the LOINC Ontology later in 2024. This release will cover laboratory observables only. Our continued work focuses on the most frequently used terms as defined by LOINC’s Top 20,000 rankings which are sourced from U.S. data exclusively. This initial release will include concepts which represent at least 80% of test volume.

ABOUT THIS PROJECT A new cooperative agreement was signed between the Regenstrief Institute (RII) and SNOMED International (IHTSDO) in October 2022. The organizations agreed to work together to minimize duplication between LOINC and SNOMED CT and to enhance the ability of stakeholders to use the two terminologies together. A primary aim of the agreement is to create an extension of SNOMED CT for the LOINC terminology. This effort builds on strengths of both terminologies by increasing the computability of LOINC and making the more granular observables in LOINC available to be used in a SNOMED format integrated with SNOMED CT concepts.